Suspended floor kit 60m2 ( 3 port )

Spreader Plate System ? Between Joists

The plate system will give an effective, even heat distribution whilst maintaining a low profile build up.
Insulation is installed between the joists and UFH pipes are embedded within the aluminium plates which are secured at either side to the joists.

A 16mm Pipe is connected to the manifold Flow port and pushed into place within the aluminium plate.

£1,764.99 - Ex VAT £1,470.83


Suspended floor kit 60m2 ( 3 port )

This kit contains all items needed to install underfloor heating for joisted floors.

The underfloor heating pipes are to be laid between joists (400mm c/c), into aluminium spreader plates.

Our kit provides a temperature control of underfloor heating circuits using a thermostatic blending valve with circulating pump.

All our kits include an easy-fit pre-assembled manifold with pump and blending valve.

Kit includes:

      • 3port stainless steel manifold
      • Easy fit manifold control pack with Grundfos A rated pump
      • High limit safety sensor
      • Air vents
      • Fill & drain points
      • Isolation valves
      • 300m 16mm Pert-Al-Pert Underfloor heating pipe (Enough to cover 60m2 at 200mm c/c)
      • 200 16mm nail clips
      • 160 spreader plates
      • Instructions manual

Actuators are only required if you need to control zones separately, 1 per port would be required.

Please note wireless thermostats (Slimline RF & NeoAir) will need a wireless wiring centre (UH8-RF) and for all Neo controls to be controlled via app you will need to purchase a Neo Hub