Reliance Manifold with flow meters end sets

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Reliance Manifold with flow meters end sets
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Reliance Manifold with flow meters end sets & isolation valves

The manifold includes:

Euroconus pipe fittings (Choose size)
Flow meters to indicate the flow rate of water through each circuit
Full bore colour coded isolation valves to allow the manifold to be isolated from the remainder of the heating system.
Fill / drain points to allow the pipework to be filled or drained with ease
Manual air vents to allow easy bleeding of the air in the system when first filling the pipework
Each port on the return bar is equipped with an integral control valve and protection cap which allows the user to adjust the volume of water, or can be removed to accept a thermoelectric type head.

The manifold is made of stainless steel which is highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion, it is therefore much more durable than others which can be manufactured from brass and then chrome plated. Stainless steel also provides ease of fabrication, cleaning and reduction of potential contamination.

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Solid Floor Kits

20m2 (1 x port), 40m2 (2 x port), 60m2 (3 x port), 80m2 (4 x port), 100m2 (5 x port), 120 m2 (6 x port), 140 m2 (7 x port), 160 m2 (8 x port), 180 m2 (9 x port), 200 m2 (10 x port), 220 m2 (11 x port), 240 m2 (12 x port)