200m2 Screed Floor Kit ( 10 port )

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200m2 Solid Floor Kit ( 10 port )

This kit contains all items needed to install underfloor heating for solid floors.

The underfloor heating pipes are to be clipped into floor insulation (min 25mm) and covered with screed.

Our kit provides a temperature control of underfloor heating circuits using a thermostatic blending valve with circulating pump.

All our kits include an easy-fit pre-assembled manifold with pump and blending valve.

Kit includes:

      • 10port stainless steel manifold
      • Easy fit manifold control pack with Grundfos A rated pump
      • High limit safety sensor
      • Air vents
      • Fill & drain points
      • Isolation valves
      • 1000m 16mm Pert-Al-Pert Underfloor heating pipe (Enough to cover 200m2 at 200mm c/c)
      • 10m Pipe conduit
      • 200m 8mm edge insulation
      • 2000 push fit staples
      • Instructions manual


Actuators are only required if you need to control zones separately, 1 per port would be required.

Please note wireless thermostats (Slimline RF & NeoAir) will need a wireless wiring centre (UH8-RF) and for all Neo controls to be controlled via app you will need to purchase a Neo Hub


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