230V Electrothermic Actuators

We only supply the best 230V electrothermic actuators, these are tested & certified by TÜV SÜD whose Headquartered are in Munich, their philosophy is “Choose certainty. Add value.”

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230V Electrothermic Actuators

Unlike the majority of under floor heating actuators available throughout the industry the connection to the wiring centre is via a plug into the control head. The advantage of this is that replacement is easily achieved by unplugging the unit without the need to re-wire.

A built in LED illuminates to show that the actuator is connected with a different colored LED to show the circuit is energized.

Our actuators achieve an IP64 rating which means that they are dust tight and that there is compete protection against dust contamination, also water splashing from any direction will have no harmful effect.  This out performs most standard actuators and may be vital if there is a possibility of a dusty or wet environment which is not unusual in building projects.