16mm Pert-Al-Pert Under Floor Heating Pipe

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16mm Pert-Al-Pert Under Floor Heating Pipe


The main component of floor heating is pipes. The core in the case of PERT/Al/PERT pipes is aluminium pipe with a thickness of 0.2 mm ultrasonic-welded lengthwise, ?with overlap?, which can withstand pressures of approximately 10 bar. By adding layers of plastic on the outside and inside of the aluminium pipe, fixed to the aluminium using special adhesive, we have a pipe capable of working under the pressure and temperature at the level of 10 bar and 95oC respectively.

The inner smoothness of the pipe allows unrestricted flow rates and heat output for under-floor heating systems. It comes complete with the European benchmark testing certification from DVGW.? It is the Rolls Royce of under-floor heating pipes.

Conforms to DIN 16833

This unique combination of traditional materials and plastics allows multi-layer pipes to have the advantages of traditional pipes (negligible thermal elongation, lack of shape memory) and plastic pipes (flexibility, low roughness, high operating life, low heat losses) while also eliminating their disadvantages.

The pipes are manufactured based on the two raw materials: pipes in diameters 16-75mm are produced using PERT – polyethylene with elevated temperature properties To put it very simply, the structure of this material is similar to balls of wool which are merged mutually with side threads, resulting in a structure that is very tangled but very strong and difficult to break. When it comes to pipes, this translates into high resistance to temperature and pressure, which is so important in plumbing and heating systems .


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