Retrofit UFH Screed - Low Profile System

Retrofit UFH Screed is an ultra-low-profile screed developed by Underfloor Heating Supply which offers an overall build up as little as 20mm. This is the lowest build up available without compromising performance using an overboard system.

This only requires 8mm cover to 12mm pipes, and 10mm cover to 16mm pipes. Once our recommended insulation (Superfoil UF) is accounted for this gives a total profile of 26mm-32mm. This differs from the typical solutions as this is a proprietary screed system.

In comparison to overboard systems, utilising Retrofit UFH Screed gives total control over the pipe design, layout, and centres as these aren’t confined to pre-grooved board spacings. We have allowed for enough screed to install at the depth stated over the area agreed, should the subbase be un-even or the area larger you may not meet our recommended cover over the pipes, you may also need to allow for a smoothing compound to be laid prior to your floor finish.

For a successful installation the substrate needs to be suitably rigid. Generally, this would mean a solid concrete/screed base, or a suitably engineered timber floor should be suitable. You must ensure your substrate can accept the weight of the system being applied. It is important to understand that even at the very high strengths associated with Retrofit UFH Screed there is still some possibility of induced shrinkage cracking occurring in the screed. This risk is present with all screeds regardless of depth. This type of cracking is not a sign of defective material but is a perfectly natural and normal occurrence with floor screeds under shrinkage restraint stresses. Should there be any cracks that require filling for certain floor finishes to be laid. Then this can be done filler resins. We must point out that this is rarely required.

Features & Benefits 

      • High thermal output – Up to 115W/m2
      • Rapid heat up – The UFH pipes being embedded within a screed provides thermal mass, transmitting heat efficiently resulting in a floor that heats up much quicker
      • No need to excavate the floor – This provides a solution for projects where excavation of the floor is too expensive or too intrusive
      • Replaces radiators – No need for supplementary heating
      • Versatile – An ideal partner for all heat sources, boilers, heat pumps and biomass.
      • Dry density 40kg per/m2, wet density 44kg per/m2